Knowledge Management to Improve Walking and Cycling

Project Objective

Supporting the improvement of walking and cycling facilities to enhance socio-economic access in Nairobi while reducing greenhouse gasses emissions from the transport sector.

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Project ideation and design.

Research, synthesis and dissemination of actionable information to support decision-makers.

Stakeholder engagement with key government road agencies.

Designing and facilitating peer-learning opportunities on walking and cycling among Kenya’s major cities.


An actionable Study on walking and cycling to support evidence-based infrastructure development.

Producing several knowledge products, including newsletters, a documentary, photo essays and infographics  as decision-support tools for key road agencies.


Successfully lobbying for the adoption of the Study by the Executive Office of the President as a critical reference to guide the development of walking and cycling infrastructure.

Invitation in my capacity to review upcoming government walking and cycling plans and provide advisory within my skill set.

Building a network of walking and cycling enthusiasts among city officials and key road agencies across Kenya’s major cities.

Work with Edna

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Knowledge Management Engagements

Writing Engagements

Speaking Engagements